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Are saucer tree swings safe?


The saucer tree swing is a swing that can be hung on a tree, and its safety can be said to be relatively high. Our Saucer Tree Swing uses a sturdy steel frame that is wrapped in a durable Oxford fabric material to withstand wear and tear even over long periods of use. So you don’t need to worry about the durability of this swing. In addition, the materials we use are waterproof and moisture-proof, so swings placed outdoors will not be seriously affected by weather changes.

What’s more, the saucer tree swing also achieves comfort and safety. The swing bed is spacious enough for several children or even adults to play on it at the same time. It can withstand at least 400 pounds of load-bearing capacity to ensure the safety of users. There is no need to worry about falling from it due to insufficient load-bearing capacity. However, you still need to be careful not to choose branches that are too light and thin when you install it.

This saucer tree swing can be used in various outdoor places such as school playgrounds, parks, and backyards at home. It is safe and brings happiness and relaxation to different types of users.

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