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What Factors Should be Considered When Installing a Swing Hanger?


The installation method of the swing hanger will vary according to the type of swing and the use occasion. If you are installing a swing for a home or children's playground, we need to consider the following points:

1.The height of the installation position: The installation height of the swing hanger should be determined according to the height of the person using the swing. It is generally recommended to install it 2 to 3 meters above the ground.

2.Safety inspection steps: After installing the swing hanger, we need to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection to check whether the hanger is firm and whether the connection with the chain is tight. At the same time, confirm whether the chain is intact and has no aging or deformation.

3.Ground conditions: The ground under the swing needs to be flat and hard. Avoid installation on soft ground to ensure safety.

4. Space considerations: During the installation of the swing hanger and the entire bracket, we must ensure that the selected installation area is open and free of any obstacles, such as furniture, etc., to prevent unnecessary collisions.

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